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Seit Juli 2010 können die neunten Klassen das erforderliche zweite Berufspraktikum auch in San Malo, Frankreich oder in Devizes, bzw. Lytham St. Annes in England absolvieren. Die Praktikumsstellen sowie die Gastfamilien werden von der Realschule Broich vermittelt. Bisher haben im Jahr durchschnittlich 12 SchülerInnen diese Chance wahrgenommen.

Vorab schreiben die interessierten Schüler und Schülerinnen Bewerbungen in Englisch, bzw. Französisch. Nach einem „Bewerbungsgespräch“ wird entschieden, ob der Kandidat teilnehmen kann. Als Voraussetzung sind neben der entsprechenden Sprachkenntnis auch die persönliche Reife und Motivation entscheidende Kriterien.

Die SchülerInnen werden für die ersten 3 Tage von ihren für sie zuständigen Lehrerinnen begleitet und sind anschließend auf sich allein gestellt. Jedoch ist neben den Gasteltern und Arbeitgebern ein deutschsprachiger Ansprechpartner vor Ort. Die Arbeitsmöglichkeiten sind vielfältig- vom Aquarium, über Cafés, Kindergärten und Grundschulen, Museen, bei der Stadt bis hin zum Zoogeschäft ist (fast) alles machbarJ

In Lytham St. Annes besuchen die SchülerInnen unsere Partnerschule vor Ort und nehmen dort am Unterricht teil. Somit bekommen sie einen Einblick in das englische Schulsystem.

Bisher waren die SchülerInnen von dieser Möglichkeit des Auslandsaufenthaltes begeistert. Auch von den Gastfamilien und Arbeitgebern haben wir nur positives Feedback erhalten.

S. Geissler

Bericht einer Praktikantin in England (Juni 2015)

Daily Report:

Tuesday the 16th of June was my first day at work and I was so nervous. My whole body was shaking and I was so afraid and excited of what would happen. I had to work from 10 am till 16 pm every day. So I walked that morning to my work and went to the Patio, which is at the end of the hotel, it is like a small cafe and it was my work place for the first week. I met so many people there and they were so friendly to me. At first, my associate gave me an introduction what they do every day, what will happen and what I will learn this week. At first I had to clean all tables and chairs and had to put the menus on them. Then I had to fold the forks, spoons and knives in lots of napkins. I also had to make a coffee or a cup of tea for the guests and I learned how many different coffees in England are. At lunch time it was very busy every day and I served the meals and drinks to the guests and cleaned the tables later. It was so funny there and I really enjoyed my first day. At 15 pm we put all cakes and sweets, which where at the front, back to the kitchen and cleaned and wrapped them and putted a date on it to see how long you can eat them. After this task I had to clean the bottom in the kitchen with a brush and a mob. It was so exhausting and the floor was so slippery. During the whole tasks in the kitchen, I had so nice conversations with Andjay, the chef, he was so friendly and helpful to me. Now it was already 4 pm and I was allowed to finish my work today. On the one hand I was very happy to go, because I was so tired but on the other hand, I didn´t want to go because it was so funny and that was the reason why I looked forward to the next day.

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Final Report:                                                                  

Before I wrote this final report, I already knew that it would be the most emotional text of all and I think I will begin now, but I actually don't know how I have to begin.... I exactly still remember the first day in England, I was so imperessed by everything, the beach, the city, the area,the people,the house, my workplace and so on. My first day at the Dalmeny was probably the most exciting day in my life. I wasn't so nervous before. Every day was better and better and better. I thought it was a dream, because all things were so perfect and unreal. I met so friendly people, from my work to unknown people...Now I am much more confident than before and of course a lot of more independent. I really can't say anything negative about the work experience because there wasn't anything negative. I am so proud and happy that our school enabled this, because it is not obvious. At the end I have to say that it is so good for the language, you can't compare my English before the work experience and now, because it is not the same english you learn in school and how they talk there. So I come to the conclusion that this work experience was the best decision in my life! I definitely recommend this trip and I have to say that nobody has to be shy. At the end I want to say thank you to Mrs. Geissler that she organised the whole thing! :-)

Sophie Aschmann, 10d